Stress-Free Guide for writing a Military or Veteran Obituary.

Stress-Free Guide for writing a Military or Veteran Obituary.

How to write an obituary for a veteran funeral service, veteran, burial flag, burial flag shadow case

Stress-Free Guide for writing a Military or Veteran Obituary.

Writing an obituary for anyone stinks, period. But sometimes it is one of those life tasks that we cannot avoid.

I decided to write an article because I have received a lot of requests for help surrounding Military funerals and Veteran funerals.

Some of the common questions have been “how do I write an obituary” and specifically “how do I write an obituary for a Veteran” or  “how do I write an obituary for a Military Veteran?”

To be honest, I was at a loss for words and I never expected to receive so many phone calls for Pocket Square Heroes designs from families of deceased veterans.

Another common request was because the Veteran’s family could not locate, “Dad’s Purple Heart Medal” or “Dad’s Vietnam Service Medal” and they wanted more as part of the funeral reception than just the burial flag.

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Most of the time it is the Veteran that requested being buried in uniform. But like above the family could not find the uniform or the Veteran no longer fits in the uniform.  

A lot of Veteran’s and their families think all Veteran’s get free burial services and that they can be buried in Arlington National Cemetery. That is far from true and those services and urban legends will be re-visited in a future article.

Veteran burial, veteran casket, funeral home veterans, burial flag

Okay, so lets not avoid writing an obituary for a Veteran anymore.

Here is an example.

  1. Start with the introduction:

(Veterans Name),  (age) from (City & State) passed or died (Date or yesterday), (Location – could be home, in a different location, or if you choose to show a hospital) after or from (illness or injury type).

Let’s put this together.

John Doe, age 78, passed yesterday while surrounded by family and friends after a short battle with cancer.

  1. Acknowledgement of the Veterans Family:

In this section list out the Veterans family but don’t stress out here you can’t include everybody.

Mr. Doe is survived by his wife Jane, 4 children; John Doe Jr., Bob Doe, Sally Johnson, and Beth Jones. He will be leaving behind 11 grandchildren and 4 great-grandchildren.

  1. Identify the period of service and any military medals received.

Here list out the period of service and awards earned.

John is a Veteran of the Vietnam War, where he earned several awards, including a Purple Heart, Bronze Star and an Honorable Discharge.  He served 8 years with the United States Marine Corps traveling the world.

  1. Next you can include more about Military service or add something personal about the Veteran.

After his service, John started his own business “John’s Tire Repair” located in downtown, Washington. He loved grape soda and singing in the shower. John’s Friends & family will deeply miss him.

  1. Now include details about the Veteran Burial or Military Funeral.

Services will be held, Friday at 3pm, Saturday at 12-4 and on Sunday 12-2pm he will be interred in the National Veteran Cemetery during a Military Color Guard Funeral Service.  

Optional last sentence:

In lieu of flowers, the family has requests donations to the local VFW, or the military funeral color guard program, or the cancer research organization, the local fire department, or a the local ambulance corps.

Okay, you did it! Now you can submit it to your local newspaper or even on the Internet now a day.  

Veteran funeral services, veteran burial flag, burial flag shadow case.

Most importantly do not stress out if the details surrounding the Military Service, or Medals received is not perfect or completely accurate. Everyone understands, civilians may not get it correct and the military is complicated.  If anyone has an issue refer him or her to us, we got you.

My grandfather told me when I was a little kid (maybe 6-7 years old) when I was pestering him that he was shot in the leg.  He pointed to his thigh and of course I asked to see, as I got close enough he pinched my nose and messed up my hair for being a pain in the butt. 

So for years, I just assumed it was true and assumed it happen when he was in the Korean War.

I thought, he must have a purple heart. When he died, I asked my uncle if I could have his Purple Heart. I planned to put it in a military shadow box just like the funeral flag shadowbox.  

My uncle, said “what purple heart, he didn’t have a purple heart. Lol, I told my uncle about the story and we both laugh and reflected on his great life full of jokes.    

Anyway, in the beginning when I created Pocket Square Heroes, I will never forget while at an event a lady approached me and said, “I really wish I knew about Pocket Square Heroes when my Father passed away.”

That gave me goose bumps. I was honored to think of my creation being used this way. Plus receiving a lot of Veteran funeral service questions and orders associated, I decided to write this post.

Thank you for reading and our condolences for your loss.

Please visit the Pocket Square Heroes® web-store too get one, it would be an honor to serve you. Click here our on the photo below which shows the most requested design styles for veteran funerals.

Also, please in the customer notes let us know that’s it is for a Veteran funeral. It is recommend you have it delivered directly to the funeral home.      

Veteran funeral, medals for military funeral.

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